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To get the best price when selling your condo, you need a strategic marketing plan. The Hann Group’s web-based plan specifically targets your property’s most alluring features and then gets it all "out there".

 Maximum Results Marketing Plan

1. Setting the Price Identifying the best selling price for your condo is the basis on which you build your marketing plan. And to do that well, you need a first-rate Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your property. It lets you see what the competition is doing, and what the upper limit of your pricing is likely to be.

2. Home Staging. Strategic and detailed home staging is vitally important. A picture says a 1000 words, a picture of a well-staged room says a 1000 more. Our certified home staging specialist's consultation will help you make your condo look so inviting, you may change your mind about selling. In effective staging, choices are everything; our staging specialist can talk you through it. Then she'll take the photos that will really attract interest.

Want your condo staged professionally? Our preferred staging company will stage your condo for you for a very reasonable fee!

3. Maximum Exposure. When you sell with The Hann Group, your condo will look its best but will also be backed by the marketing expertise needed to get it seen. We market your property aggressively, continually innovating and finding the newest technology and the latest hot spots, while still employing time-tested avenues like print advertising and Open Houses. 

4. Working Towards the Top Offer. We avoid the common practice of shopping a new listing around to our in-house contacts before taking the listing live. Others may try to increase their profits by representing both the buyer and the seller, but not The Hann Group. We put it out there for everyone to see. We focus on getting you seen by every possible potential buyer so that you get the best price. And our clients love us for that!

5. Intelligent Marketing Online. Online search engines really drive today's real estate sales, and The Hann Group employs professional content development and strategic keyword selection to ensure a formidable presence in search engine rankings. We also 

Facebook is still a great way to get exposure but it now greatly depends on how it is used. Recent adjustments to their service means that business pages don't show up in news feeds as much as they used to. It is now important to utilize Facebook advertising and promote posts. We do that; the web is ever changing and we choose to stay on top of it.

6. Giving You the Big Picture. Monitoring progress, to gauge and react, is vital in selling your property effectively. Your Hann Group agent will keep you regularly informed about inquiries, viewings, feedback from other agents, open house attendance, and online interest in your home. 

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