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You’ve made some great memories in your condo, or maybe you’ve made some solid profit from using it as an investment property. Either way, if it’s time to move on, make sure you get the most value you can from your property. The St. John’s condo market is saturated right now, and all the new developments are creating considerable competition for anyone wanting to sell their own unit. That’s why it’s important to do things right, right from the start. Read more 

Ready to Sell? Put a top team of Realtors® on your side!

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Four Steps to Selling Your Condo

1. First and foremost select a Realtor® with extensive experience in the condo market. Selling a condo is not the same as selling a residential home, and your Realtor's® knowledge of the St. John's and area condo market may help your condo sell much quicker and for more money. 

2. Know your condo’s value in the current market. Contact a qualified Realtor® and ask them to conduct a free Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) to assess your condo's size, location, and features. This information is then compared to similar units currently on the market or recently sold, in order to help determine a fair market price for your condo.

3. Agree on a selling price for your condo. After completing the CMA your Realtor® may recommend a price that you consider too low. This is a common problem, but it’s important to remain impartial. You must understand that the fair market value of your condo is not determined by what you paid, how much profit you need, or what your friends say. Trust in your Realtor's® ability to determine the correct price. He or she has the experience and knowledge needed to pinpoint a price that best meets your financial needs and buyers' expectations. 

4. Stage your property. Many people know that professional home staging is key to selling your condo quickly for top dollar. What many don’t understand though is that staging is only a part of the marketing kit used by a savvy Realtor®. The full package incorporates staging, visually enticing photos (and lots of them) and a well written, targeted ad. By paying attention to the details we make sure the world gets to see your condo at its very best.

That's the beginning stages of a strategic marketing campaign for your condo, visit our Marketing Page for our complete plan.  

Ready to Sell? Put a top team of Realtors® on your side!

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