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We developed our new condo site with your needs in mind.  It’s an authoritative resource to help you find, buy and/or sell your condo in the St. John’s area. Search current listings, get the low down the new buildings under construction and stay informed with what condominiums are in the planning stages.  Read more

The condo lifestyle is synonymous with freedom. Freedom from worry, from upkeep, from back-breaking snow shoveling in winter and hot, tiring lawn mowing in summer. Add in heightened security, convenience and a sense of community and you've got a lifestyle that’s increasingly desired by many people in Newfoundland. Purchasing a condo, like buying any new home, is very exciting. But with the condo market growing so quickly, finding the perfect one can seem daunting. Toss in the fact that purchasing a condo is rather different than buying a traditional home and it becomes very important to do your research. It’s even more important to enlist the help of professionals who specialize in St. John's condos. is your complete condo resource

Our aim to is provide accurate and impartial information designed to help you decide which condominium corporation would best suit your needs. This site will help you compare different locations, previously owned condos and new developments, and various amenities to find just the right fit. We also identify other professionals whose services you may need, such as mortgage brokers or lawyers.

We believe in straight talk. We have no biases. You will not be pushed towards any one complex or property to suit some hidden agenda. It's your home, your choice. We provide information, guide and assist. We make buying and selling your condo easy. You can ask us questions, use our site, and benefit from our knowledge. 

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