Realtor® CBA.®

Larry Hann

Larry Hann, Realtor® CBA.®

The core of the team, Larry is a multiple award winning, experienced REALTOR® who savours the fast pace of real estate and the warm relationships that can be built with clients. Larry, like everyone on the Hann Group team, approaches real estate with sincerity. The process of buying or selling real estate should be a pleasant and worthwhile experience and he take all measures to make sure the integrity of the process is preserved. It's important to him and that is why he has built a name in real estate. For Larry, it really is much more than a job — it is a lifestyle and total commitment. It is that commitment that sees him through late nights and weekend work; he chooses to be there when clients, some from around the globe, need him. Call Larry today to assist you with your home search, evaluate the value of your home, or simply answer your real estate related questions.

Office Phone Number: 709-728-1169

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