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50+ condo corporations by area and the streets on which they are located.

 St. John's East End 
  • Woodlands  - Tyrone Place and Kilmory Place
  • Manchester  - Manchester Street and Preston Place
  • Osprey Landing  - Shortall Street, Coultas Street and Rowsell Place
  • Windsor on Rhodora - 25 Rhodora Street 
  • Wellington on Rhodora - 27 Rhodora Street
St. John's West End 
  • Beaumont Gardens - Bennett Avenue
  • Empire Village - Glavine Street and Madigan Place
  • Meadows Court - Florencia Court and Spring Meadows
  • West View Village - Key West Court, Sarasota Court, Pinellas Court, Greystone Court and Lance aux Meadows
  • Twin Brooks - Gisbourne Place
  • Brookside Preserve - Triton Place  
Mount Pearl 
  • Parkdale - Avery Place
  • Cloverbrae Condominiums - Cloverbrae Crescent   
  • Vista Gardens - Lanark Drive
Conception Bay South
  • Mountain View - Michaelangelo Place
  • Elliot's Place - Elliot's Place
  • Piper Stock Way - Torbay Road 

Condos to Fit the 50+ Lifestyle

With new found time on their hands, some "50 plusers" are more active than they have ever been, seizing the opportunity to stay in shape and take care of themselves. Others may be looking for a home with low maintenance, proximity to golf courses, and underground parking. And still more may just want to relax, seeking a condo that will make it easy to entertain a few friends or maybe a large network of key business contacts. Whatever your particular wish list may contain, you’ll find there’s a 50+ condo in St. John’s and surrounding area to fit the bill!

For those who are more advanced in years and are truly looking for a place to settle down, a retirement condo in St. John’s can make the golden years golden indeed. No more shovelling snow or mowing the lawn or taking out the garbage. Condo living covers the amenities, leaving senior citizens in St. John’s free to relax and enjoy the rewards of their years of hard work. Some retirement condo corporations come complete with underground parking, a fitness room and a theatre room.

Active-living condos in St. John’s are becoming increasingly popular, and the choices don’t end at the city limits. Mount Pearl, Paradise, Torbay and Conception Bay South are home to other desirable locations where 50+ condos are in demand… and in supply. In fact, with the ever-increasing range of possibilities, the challenge for many has switched from just finding a condo to picking through all the options and making sure they haven’t overlooked any of the best properties on the market. That’s where we can help. We maintain an up-to-the-minute database of 50+ condos throughout the greater St. John’s area… including properties still in the planning stages.

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