Condominium Developments in Paradise

While our page on Paradise notes there are only three condominium developments in Paradise for now, the ones that are there should not be missed in your search for the perfect condo!

Paradise offers the feel of country or even coastline living with the convenience of being just minutes away from Mount Pearl and St. John’s. Perhaps best of all, because it is a bit removed from the busiest neighbourhoods in those cities, you may find a condo in Paradise that offers all you want at a better price than you might have expected.

The three developments are Kestrel Suites, Neil's Pond and Paradise Condominiums. Let’s take a look at the details of each...

Kestral Suites Condominium Corporation (under construction)
Kestral Drive
Style: Multi-unit 
Construction Type: Concrete 
Amenities: Balconies, elevator
Parking: Designated and Visitor

Neil's Pond Condominium Corporation
Topsail Road
Style: Multi-unit Buildings
Construction Type: Wooden
Amenities: Balconies
Parking: Designated and Visitor
Location: Borders Neil's Pond 

Paradise Condominium Corporation
Topsail Rd.
Construction Type: Wooden
Parking: Designated and Visitor

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